Kings Down Tail Green Policy

At Kings Down Tail we strive to maintain our beautiful site and minimise the impact on surroundings. We are lucky to have an abundance of wild life including, hedgehogs, Deer, Foxes, Owls, Badgers, rabbits and much more. As campsite owners we have a number of things put in place to reduce our environments footprint.
Whilst customers transport to and from the site is outside of our control, we do provide information for bus timetables, walking routes and bike routes from the site and our vehicles we use to show people to their pitches, empty bins and site cleaning are electric. On site we have a 5mph speed limit which as well as helping with safety also protect our hedgehog population when they are out and about.

All our buildings and play areas are created from a lot of natural materials which enhance the park by making it blend in with the surrounding nature.
Our Energy saving measure such as reduced lighting also help limiting the light pollution in the area. We also have shower and light timers to reduce unnecessary water and energy use in communal areas.
Waste management- We have Recycling bins for glass, plastic, cardboard, cans and general waste.  Suitable food waste can be feed to our goats and chickens.
Around the site we have various bird feeding stations and encourage seasonal visitors to do the same. We leave parts of the site to meadow for Bees and Butterflies to enjoy. A sensory trail runs around the whole site taking visitors through woodland and fields to observe the local environment.
Kings Down Tail is a tree lined site which enjoys bird song from dawn to dusk, there is nothing better than lying in bed listening to nature.